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Triple 9 Trailer

The Triple 9 Trailer Is So Extreme That You Might Need to Cover Your Eyes

You're not ready for the trailer for Triple 9. Yes, it's packed full of celebrities like Kate Winslet, Woody Harrelson, Norman Reedus, Anthony Mackie, Teresa Palmer, Aaron Paul, Gal Gadot, Chiwetel Ejiofor, and Casey Affleck, but there is also incredibly gnarly stuff. The fact that you have to enter in your birthday to watch the trailer should tip you off that this isn't your average gangster movie. In under three minutes, you'll see a bag of bloody teeth, decapitated heads strewn over a car hood, and even more that I don't want to spoil in case you're looking forward to it. The movie, directed by John Hillcoat (Lawless), will be in theaters on Feb. 19.

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