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Preview For Middle Men Starring Luke Wilson

Luke Wilson Parties Like It's 1995 in the Middle Men Trailer

Luke Wilson has hit a bit of snag in his career since his glory days (I'm talking Royal Tenenbaums and Old School), so I didn't expect much from the trailer for his new movie, Middle Men. Wilson stars as Jack Harris, a businessman in 1995 who hits the jackpot when he teams up with Wayne (Giovanni Ribisi) and Buck (Gabriel Macht) to become the first entrepreneurs of Internet porn.

The trailer has everything you'd expect to go along with the adult entertainment biz — scantily clad ladies, fistfights, and lots of cash to spend. Though I'm a bit skeptical about the "inspired by a true story" premise, I'm digging the supporting players here (I've had a soft spot for Macht since his Sex and the City days, and even Kelsey Grammer makes an appearance). As for whether or not it will boost Wilson's career — it's gotta be better than My Super Ex-Girlfriend, right?

Check out the preview and tell me what you think after the jump.

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