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Jillian Bell Brittany Runs a Marathon Video

Exclusive: Jillian Bell Learns the Cost of Fitness in This Scene From Brittany Runs a Marathon

Award-winning playwright Paul Downs Colaizzo will make his directorial debut with the Jillian Bell-led comedy Brittany Runs a Marathon. If you have already seen the trailer and are suitably intrigued by the uplifting premise, we have an incredibly relatable exclusive clip that will have you even more excited for the film's release.

Based on a true story, the film follows Bell as New Yorker Brittany Forgler, a party girl who's hilarious and outgoing but decidedly not healthy. When her doctor challenges her to lose 55 pounds, she initially balks at the idea but, with the help of her neighbor (Casual's Michaela Watkins), finds herself falling in love with running. Her newfound appreciation for the sport leads her to the point where she makes a goal of racing in the New York City Marathon. (Which is, like, hard.)

In the clip above, we see Brittany's attempt at joining a local gym to get her fitness on. It all seems to be going smoothly until she learns the cost of the gym's most basic monthly membership: a not-so-basic $129. Watch Brittany's very understandable reaction to the news ahead, and check out Brittany Runs a Marathon when it sprints into theaters on Aug. 23.

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