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Harry Styles "Kiwi" Music Video

Harry Styles's "Kiwi" Video Makes No Sense β€” but It's Basically Flawless

What do you get when you combine a bunch of well-dressed kids, adorable puppies, and a massive food fight with delicious desserts? You get the video for Harry Styles's newest single, "Kiwi," which coincidentally has absolutely nothing to do with well-dressed kids, puppies, or delicious desserts. Instead, in the song, Harry sings about having someone's baby. Yes, he's having someone's baby, and it's none of your business. The song, made up of seemingly nonsense β€” though catchy as hell β€” lyrics, also never references kiwi at all, but it hasn't stopped fans from pelting the singer with the fruit while he's on stage during his current tour in Europe.

Harry is no stranger to making music videos that appear to have nothing to do with the contents of the song, as his "Sign of the Times" video showed him mysteriously flying high above the Scottish countryside. We think this one is a slight upgrade, though, because after all, Harry looks damn good holding these puppies. Check out the video in its entirety above!

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