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Ed Sheeran Music Video For "Bloodstream"

Watch Ed Sheeran's Crazy New "Bloodstream" Video Starring Ray Liotta

Ed Sheeran and Ray Liotta? Sure, why not. The actor stars in Sheeran's latest video for "Bloodstream," a track from 2014's X. The video depicts a wealthy man (Liotta) who, despite all his money, is seriously unhappy. He has ladies lounging around his gigantic house and a horse that hangs out with him inside, yet he's still a hot mess. It's a really intense video, but then again, "Bloodstream" is an intense song. Take a look, and if you haven't already heard it, you'll probably love Sheeran's cover of "Dirrty" and his video for "Don't," which features some insane dancing.

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