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It Comes at Night Horror Movie Trailer

The It Comes at Night Trailer Will Leave You Scarred For Life

After the first eerie, mysterious movie teaser for Joel Edgerton's upcoming horror film, It Comes at Night (below), we weren't quite sure what it was about, but we knew we were 100 percent terrified. Now that we've seen the official trailer, we're certifiably scarred for life. The latest addition to the 2017 horror movie slate will rattle even the most dead-inside horror fans as it follows Paul (Edgerton), who's trying to survive with his family in their remote country home while an ecological threat ravages the rest of the world. Will the couple Paul offers shelter to (Riley Keough and Girls star Christopher Abbott) destroy the lives of everyone he loves? Will we ever sleep again? We'll have to wait and see when it hits theaters on June 9.

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