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Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel Sex Tape Movie Tech Fails

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A homemade sex tape may sound like the perfect way to rekindle a marriage and spice things up in the bedroom, but when your private parts end up being uploaded to the Internet? Well, that's every person's nightmare. Cameron Diaz and Jason Segel discover just how embarrassing (and awkward) things can get when they decide to record their most private moments after a sexual dry spell in the upcoming movie Sex Tape. Thankfully, the actors themselves learned a few things about keeping your private things private and are sharing their knowledge in a series of videos called How to Avoid Tech Fails With Cameron and Jason.

Get their insights on why you shouldn't trust baristas below, then head over to POPSUGAR Tech's Facebook page to learn more about how to keep your online friends happy and why it's safer to leave your credit card in your wallet when surfing the Internet. All very important lessons.

What's worse than accidentally uploading a private video to the Internet? Check out the exclusive clip below to find out.

Hilarity ensues when Sex Tape hits theaters on July 18; get your tickets now!

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