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Brooklyn Movie Trailer

Brooklyn Trailer: You Won't Know Who to Root For in Saoirse Ronan's Love Triangle

Between a romantic Italian immigrant (Emory Cohen) and a well-to-do Irish "catch" (Domhnall Gleeson), who would you choose? Oh, and this is 1950s Brooklyn, so take that into account. Saoirse Ronan stars as an Irish immigrant in the big-screen adaptation of Colm Tóibín's 2009 novel, Brooklyn, and she's faced with making this very difficult choice. Does she stay in America without her family but with a man who could potentially be the love of her life, or does she go back to the homeland and embrace a man who could provide her with comfort? Unless you've already read the book, you can find out when the film is released on Nov. 4. It has already debuted to great reviews at the Sundance Film Festival this year, due in part to Nick Hornby's adapted screenplay.

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