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Beth Ann Eats Pot Brownies in Why Women Kill Video

Exclusive: Beth Ann Has a Hilarious Experience With Pot Brownies in Why Women Kill

CBS All Access has recently become home to one of the most delicious (and deadliest) shows on TV: Why Women Kill. The dark comedy from creator Marc Cherry follows three different women — timid '50s housewife Beth Ann (Ginnifer Goodwin), wealthy '80s maneater Simone (Lucy Liu), and '00s free-spirit lawyer Taylor (Kirby Howell-Baptiste) — living their lives during three different time periods, all of whom happen to live in the same palatial LA home. And now, thanks to the clip above, we have an exclusive look at what's happening with Beth Ann in the next episode.

When we're first introduced to Goodwin's reserved character, we come to discover part of her uptight personality is due to the stress of recently losing a baby with her husband (played by Sam Jaeger). Making matters worse is the fact her new neighbor informs her that her husband is seeing a diner waitress on the side, sending Beth Ann spiraling. She can't help but snoop, eventually striking up a friendship with the waitress without revealing her true identity, leading to an afternoon of hanging out with her while munching on pot brownies.

Of course, what is supposed to be a leisurely night in turns into a hilarious disaster when Beth Ann realizes she has an important dinner to host that same evening. Watch what happens in the madcap scene above, then be sure to tune into the new episode when it begins streaming on CBS All Access on Thursday!

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