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Watch Nancy and Jimmy Fallon Talk About Their Wedding

Nancy Juvonen and Jimmy Fallon Practically Finish Each Other's Sentences While Remembering Their Wedding

As part of the ongoing Tonight Show segment "Ask the Fallons," Nancy Juvonen and Jimmy Fallon took a moment during Tuesday's episode to answer questions about their wedding. After the couple met at a taping of SNL in 2004, they got married in 2007, and it's insanely sweet to watch them walk down memory lane together — especially because they literally share the same details at the same time. Their first tip? Don't "get your wedding videotaped."

Although they'd originally planned to have a big wedding, a wild turn of events made Jimmy's dream of tying the knot on Richard Branson's island come true. As they looked back on the memorable weekend, they both said, at the same time, how they remembered all the animals like "the flamingos and the giant turtles." Due to the quick turnaround, the wedding only had 12 guests including Drew Barrymore, who got to stay behind with the pair and the staff of the island to celebrate Boxing Day. Watch the full video to hear more about whether or not Jimmy thought about quitting comedy and how the Branson island wedding came to be, then look back at some of their cutest moments together.

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