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Justin Guarini Appears on The Kelly Clarkson Show

Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson Reunited For the First Time in Years, and It Feels Like 2002

Justin Guarini and Kelly Clarkson reunited for the first time in years on The Kelly Clarkson Show, so cue the From Justin to Kelly flashbacks. In 2002, Justin was the runner-up on the first season of American Idol, which Kelly famously won. A year later, the two starred in that so-bad-it's-good musical, and 16 years later, the successful performers caught up on their accomplishments (sans halter tops and cargo shorts). "Thank god that we're so much more than that movie," Justin joked.

The former costars are both busy parents now, and Justin has remained onstage thanks to various Broadway shows and television commercials (he's the one behind those hilarious Diet Dr. Pepper ads). He also talked about his recently released book, Audition Secrets. What made Wednesday's reunion all the more special is that all three original American Idol judges stopped by the show, too! Simon Cowell told Justin, "When you walked out of the room, we literally went, 'Thank you, god,' because at that point, things weren't going great on the show."

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