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Jimmy Fallon and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Attempt TikTok Dances

Jimmy Fallon and Joseph Gordon-Levitt Had a TikTok Dance Battle, and Oh My Gosh

Today I learned that Joseph Gordon-Levitt can twerk better than me, and TBH, I'm not one bit upset about the enlightening revelation. During a virtual appearance on The Tonight Show, the handsome actor showed off his booty-shaking skills while going head-to-head with Jimmy Fallon in a TikTok dance battle. They watched clips of TikTok stars breaking it down to popular songs from the app — including "Out West," "Cars That Go Boom," and "Geek'd" — before attempting to recreate the moves themselves.

It's safe to say they each embraced their own brand of dad vibes: Joseph was solidly in confident-yet-still-embarrassing-dad-at-family-wedding territory, while Jimmy had the dancing-like-a-fish-out-of-water aesthetic down pat. The best part? When Joseph, fresh off a mini twerk session, said, "Always the booty. When in doubt, booty." Is it just me or does that need to be plastered on a billboard ASAP?

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