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Tan France, Tina Fey, and Rachel Dratch Dressing Funny Video

I'm So Grateful For This Video of Tan France Giving Rachel Dratch an Ariana Grande Makeover

Tan France is at it again on his YouTube show Dressing Funny, and this time, he's giving Wine Country star Rachel Dratch a style makeover à la Ariana Grande. With some help from his style consultant, Tina Fey, Tan sets out to freshen up Rachel's look and make it more fashion-forward — and Tina has some, uh, interesting suggestions. "This is secretly because she's kind of a dirty b*tch," Tina jokes as she holds up a black faux-leather miniskirt.

Clearly having seen a few episodes of Queer Eye, Rachel pleasantly surprises Tan by showing up with a French tuck, but she's hesitant when it comes to trying out the Ariana-inspired look, which includes a pair of sleek, thigh-high boots. "It's show business, Rachel — you have to keep up with the kids," Tina insists. While Rachel has to say "Thank U, Next" to the Ariana look, she, Tan, and Tina can all agree that there's one item of clothing that will never go out of style: mom jeans!

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