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Sugar Bits — Kiefer Sutherland Doing Well in Prison

  • According to a jail spokesman, Kiefer Sutherland has been a model prisoner since checking in on Wednesday, spending his days folding prison laundry and serving his fellow inmates dinner. The spokesman also said that Kiefer will definitely serve his entire 48-day sentence. Even Jack Bauer can't get out of this one. — People
  • Hydroderm, the cosmetic company suing its spokeswoman Teri Hatcher, says that despite an exclusive contract, Teri's image has been used to promote 22 other beauty products. Teri, on the other hand, says that the company is only suing her so that it doesn't have to pay her and that she is "ready, willing, able and eager" to work for them. Sounds like this should be settled by just making the commercial. — AP
  • Ray Liotta has pleaded guilty to his February DUI charge in exchange for a lighter sentence, which will see him pay a $300 fine, attended a drug and alcohol class, and have three years probation. Sounds like a pretty good deal relative to Kiefer. — TMZ
  • Donald Trump is denying reports that he left a $10,000 tip on an $82.27 bill at a Santa Monica restaurant, saying he wasn't even in CA at the time. Trump didn't get where he is by giving away insane tips. — Page Six


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