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Sarah Paulson Getting Scared on The Ellen Show Jan. 2019

Sarah Paulson Tried to Get Revenge on Ellen DeGeneres and Instead Got Scared AGAIN

At this rate, Sarah Paulson seems to know that guesting on The Ellen DeGeneres Show is like stepping into a haunted house. In her first appearance on the talk show this year, however, the actress tried to get a little revenge . . . and in turn got scared yet again. While Ellen was delivering a message to the camera, Sarah snuck up on her and screamed, which, by the way, elicited zero reaction from the host. It was then that a crew member disguised as plant decor snuck up on Sarah, who promptly freaked the f*ck out.

Unfortunately for Sarah's nerves, it didn't end there either. During another segment involving Ellen's Heads Up! game, a crew member disguised as a ninja screamed from the ceiling he was being suspended from. As you can imagine, that didn't go over so well with Sarah. As a word of advice, you might want to turn your volume down as you watch these clips.

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