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Chris Hemsworth Does Impression of Chris Pratt Video

Chris Hemsworth's Impression of Chris Pratt Is So Eerily Spot On, I Just Spit Out My Water

Ladies and gentlemen, we hereby declare Chris Hemsworth the reigning king of celebrity impressions. The actor and his Men in Black: International costar Tessa Thompson teamed up to show off their impersonation skills with LADbible, prompting Chris to debut a brief yet flawless imitation of his fellow Hollywood Chris Chris Pratt. Trying (and failing) to hold back his laughter, Chris uttered, "Gamora?," as a nod to Pratt's role in Guardians of the Galaxy. Then he quickly snapped into character, excitedly saying, "Hey guys, Chris Pratt here!," in an eerily spot-on Chris Pratt voice. The accuracy is simply too much to handle! Watch the video above to see Chris and Tessa pretend to be Chewbacca, Captain Jack Sparrow, Barack Obama, a dolphin, and more.

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