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Bryan Cranston Today Interview December 2016

Bryan Cranston Reveals He Will Go Full-On Walter White When Meeting His Daughter's Boyfriends

Bryan Cranston will always be best-known for his show-stopping role as Walter White on Breaking Bad. In addition to that role giving him fame and countless awards, it also taught him a thing or two for his personal life. The actor, who played a school teacher-turned drug dealer on the hit show, recently sat down with Today's Willie Geist to talk about Breaking Bad, his family, and his new movie, Why Him? Bryan, who is dad to 23-year-old daughter Taylor with wife Robin Dearden, joked to Willie that he will definitely use some of Walter White's tactics when it comes to intimidating Taylor's boyfriends. "I think what I would do is have a barrel next to me with some chemicals handy," he joked. "Just let them see it, you know, like, 'Oh, it's real, son. I can dissolve your body in seconds.'" We can only hope he would end it with, "Say. My. Name."

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