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Watch Cameron Hamilton Do Lauren Speed-Hamilton's Makeup

Watch Love Is Blind's Cameron and Lauren Take On the "My Husband Does My Makeup" Challenge

If you're not keeping up with Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed-Hamilton's YouTube channel, you're missing out on some seriously A+ content. The fan-favorite Love Is Blind couple have treated their followers to adorable Q&A sessions, blooper reels, and glimpses into their at-home life, and now, they're dipping their toes into the world of internet challenges. The duo recently took on the popular "My Husband Does My Makeup" Challenge, and we must admit: it was quite the journey. Cameron's running commentary was certainly entertaining, but seeing their sweet onscreen chemistry again was definitely the best part — I mean, that forehead kiss though.

"This looks like some eye stuff to me."

To start, Cameron artfully and carefully painted on Lauren's liquid foundation — not that she even needed it in the first place, because her skin is so darn flawless. "This looks like some eye stuff to me," he said while grabbing Urban Decay's Naked Ultraviolet Eyeshadow Palette next. He brushed some of the shimmery purple shadow on Lauren's lids with light, gentle strokes, explaining, "Yeah, I take care of my baby." Aww. After dabbing on pink liquid lipstick and then lip liner, Cameron swiped on a generous amount of highlighter before attempting to apply eyeliner (keyword: attempting). His so-called "avant-garde" cat eye was . . . one-of-a-kind, to say the least. The final touch? Setting spray, which Cameron applied from extremely close up, making for a supershiny finish.

Watch the entire video above to see the fruits of Cameron's labors, which Lauren accurately described as a "robot android"-inspired look.

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