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Ashton Kutcher Shares the Story Behind His "Spite Stache"

Ashton Kutcher Shared the Story Behind His "Spite Stache," and Somehow Adele Is Involved

That '70s Show may have ended over a decade ago, but Ashton Kutcher's retro mustache suggests otherwise. In a recent appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, the actor shared the star-studded story behind his new facial hair. In summary: Adele and Mila Kunis are to blame.

"I never intended to have this. I don't think I look good with it, but I'm keeping it," Kutcher said before explaining how he had shaved his beard down into a mustache solely for Adele's 1970s-themed birthday party earlier this year. If you refer to photos from said birthday party, however, you'll see how the theme was actually inspired by the 1930s. Kutcher only realized that after already arriving — dressed in a vest, boots, and bell bottoms.

Months later, Kutcher has decided to keep the mustache to get back at Kunis, who evidently relayed the wrong party theme. "This is payback," Kutcher added. "It's a full-blown spite stache, and now she likes it, so now I can't get rid of it." Watch him tell the unfortunate series of events above.

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