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Lily Allen Acne Instagram

Lily Allen's Selfie Proves Everyone Gets Acne — Even Celebrities

Celebrities are slowly debunking the notion that they all wake up #flawless. When Chrissy Teigen shared her stretch mark photos, she started an important conversation about embracing imperfections and taking a step back from all the filters and photoshop apps. Likewise, Lorde used her social media presence to announce that, yes, even she is prone to acne and has to battle it with acne-fighting products. This transparency has opened up a dialogue among young women, and now joining the conversation is Lily Allen.

On Monday, the singer posted a close-up shot of her chin on Instagram and said in a caption, "How is it fair that I get acne at 30? #1stworldproblems." Within hours, she received over 9,300 "likes" and comments like, "I am 45 and still get it. :(" By sharing this imperfect selfie, Lily has made her point that no matter what your age is (or how famous you are), these skin care problems plague all women and men.

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