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Aveda Stress-Fix Body Creme Review

Aveda Helps Cut Our Stress Level 1 Deep Breath at a Time

Raise your hand if you feel totally relaxed and like you have no stress in your life. Yeah, don't look at us either. But Aveda is thinking about how to make all of us feel a little chiller with its new Stress-Fix Body Creme ($59). The hydrating lotion is filled with an infusion of calming lavender, happy-inducing lavandin, and cheery clary sage (all organic and sourced from French farms that we feel sure are totally charming and idyllic). A trick that we learned at the launch event for the product is to rub the lotion not just on our hands, but also all over our forearms in circular motions to help relieve all the tension that builds up there thanks to nonstop texting, typing, and tote-bag clenching. We can't get your emails answered for you, but at least we can make you feel pampered while you're doing it.

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