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"Designer Cornrows" Are 2022's Coolest Twist on the Hairstyle
by Ariel Baker
I Did a Deodorant Detox: See How the Experiment Went
Beauty Reviews
I Skipped Deodorant to Try TikTok's Viral "Armpit Detox" — Here's How It Went
by Renee Rodriguez
Why This Mom Loves Keto
Healthy Eating Tips
For This Busy Mom, Her Kitchen Is Her Sanctuary — And Where Her Keto Recipes Come to Life
by Aviel Kanter
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I Got the Octopus Haircut That's Trending: See the Photos
I (Accidentally) Tried the Viral Octopus Haircut, and I'm Glad I Did
by Jessica Harrington
Tinisha Meeks Talks Locs, Chloe and Halle, and Black Hair

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