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Chelsey Hauge- Zavaleta

POPSUGAR Contributor

Dr. Chelsey Hauge is a feminist educator, writer, and mother. She works extensively with parents through her organization Positive Parenthood, and finds joy in helping families create calm and rediscover joy in their family life. Chelsey was diagnosed with cancer in her late twenties, an event that scrambled well laid plans to become a professor. Overcome with a desire to have babies and to move home to her native California, she followed her heart, had some babies, and moved home to the Bay Area. It was in her childhood home that she and her mother- also Dr. Hauge- hatched a plan to grow a business together that would center childhood, relationship based parenting, and restorative justice in the family. Now the mother to three little girls, Dr. Hauge spends her time adventuring with the kids, working part time with parents and families through Positive Parenthood. Mostly, Dr. Hauge is profoundly committed to following the joy-life is just too short for anything else. Chelsey loves artichokes, the ocean, cat rescue, cooking, and crafting.

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