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A Day in the Life of a Family With 4 Kids Under 3

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Whitney and Andrew Schey were already busy raising two kids when they got some amazing news: soon after she suffered a miscarriage, Whitney was pregnant again. From the beginning, Whitney had a sneaking suspicion that she was pregnant with twins, and her mother's intuition turned out to be right. Today, Whitney and Andrew are busy raising the "Schey Brigade:" four kids under 3 years old. Press play on the video above to find out how the Schey family handles all the craziness that comes with having so many toddlers in the house, and hear how they're able to find the happiness and joy in every single day.

We've partnered with Target to tell real stories about parenting in all its messy, beautiful glory, whether you're raising one baby on your own or have a whole brigade of little ones at home.

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